The Globe Carbon Cycle project is one of four Earth System Science Projects (ESSPs) funded by NASA and NSF to develop hands-on, primary and secondary school-based science activities for the GLOBE (Global Learning and Observations to Benefit the Environment) Program.

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Program/Org. Student
Topic Category Notes
US Government
USDA Forest Service

Natural Inquirer
11-14 Publication Students, Teacher Guides

Natural Inquirer-Volume 5, Number 1 USDA Forest Service-Facts to the Future Edition

Where in the World is Carbon Dioxide?

The potential impact of rising levels of CO2 on US forests

Natural Inquirer-Volume 6, Number 1 USDA Forest Service-Urban Forest Edition

I’ve got you covered: The amount of pavement covered by street trees

Balancing act: Urban trees and the carbon cycle

Good to the last drip: How urban trees help to reduce pollution

Don’t be so fuel-ish! How much fuel is saved when cars are parked in the shade?


NASA Earth Observatory
14-18+ Background, Data&Images

Carbon Cycle Intro

Photosynthesis and respiration

C in land and sea-Chlorophyll movie
The Human Role

NASA missions to study CO2 and climate

Satellite tracking

Current placement of satellites on the globe

NASA Kids 8-12 Activities, Teacher Guides Amelia the Piegon
5-10 Echo the Bat -electromagnetic spectrum
9-18 Looking at Earth from Space
(specific age is activity dependent)
Cycles, Humans influence their environment
11-16 Our Mission to Planet Earth

Environmental Protection Agency

Climate Change - At School
12-18 Background, Activities, Teacher Guides

Climate animations

Climate CHECK- CO2 emissions calculator

Global warming classroom activity kit

Energy Star Program


National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration

NOAA Education

Earth System Research Lab

10-14 Teacher Guides, Activities

Climate: links to other sites

Global warming science

Earth System Research Lab

Data&Images Global monitoring division - data

Atmospheric CO2 concentration at locations around the world

National Science Foundation

Classroom Resources

National Science Digital Library

  Links to resources Links to many other education resources- by science category

Online library of resources for science, technology, engineering, and mathematics education


Current news articles by category

Ask a scientist

Global Change Research Program

Information Office

US Carbon Cycle Science

North American Carbon Program

Carbo Europe

Carbo Schools

  Science Research, Background Access to US and UN documents on global change

All documents are online and in hardcopy (these are free to order)

This is the ESSP of which GLOBE Carbon Cycle is a part

CarboSchools part of CarboEurope: partnership between global change scientists and secondary schools in Europe

US Fish and Wildlife Service

Educators and Students
  Links to resources Student and educator pages list other web resources

US Geological Survey


  Data&Images Maps of all types from many sources

Earthquakes: example of a good student website
United Nations Environment Programme

Maps and Graphics
  News, Background, Data&Images, Action Maps and graphics

Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change   Science Research

Bases assessment on peer reviewed and published articles

3 different working groups make suggestions for the future based on these assessments

Kyoto Protocol   Action, Data&Images Treaty between a large number of countries which sets CO2 emission targets

Union of Concerned Scientists

Climate Choices

Northeast Climate Impacts
  Science Research, Background, Action A project by the Union of Concerned Scientists

Northeast, USA

National Wildlife Federation
  Science Research, News, Action USA: global warming and its impact on wildlife

University Corporation for Atmospheric Research

Project Learn

Background, Teacher Guide Topics Covered (Each has associated background, activities, standards, time, learning objectives, and assessment ideas)



The Carbon Cycle

The Greenhouse Effect


National Center for Atmospheric Research

Education and Outreach
10-14 Background, Teacher Guide, Activities Kids Crossing - "Living in a Greenhouse", Teacher’s Guide: Kids Crossing

Educators's Bridge - Teacher's Guides

activities to go with “Living in the Greenhouse”

Teacher’s Guide: Climate Discovery

Climate Past: Little Ice Age example (9 lessons)

CO2 sinks and Sources: 5 part experiment

The Sun

Woods Hole Research Center

  Science Research, Background and use, forest sequestration, missing C


Climate Change Resources
  Science Research, Data&Images, News, Links to Resources, Action  
Global Warming Art   Data&Images global warming images, graphs, maps

Digital Library for Earth System Education   Links to resources Resources, news and opportunities for the education community searchable by grade level, standards, collection or resource type
"Carbo" The Carbon Atom 11-18 Activities Follow a carbon atom through the carbon cycle
Teacher's Domain All Ages Background, Teacher Guides, Videos Multimedia from NOVA and other public tv series

Background info, discussion questions, related standards
  11-18   2 global warming/climate change specific lesson plans included
Marine Carbon Cycle 12-18 Teacher Guides Marine C cycle background

Algae photosynthesis experiment
Trees-Carbon Storage 16-18 Background, Teacher Guides Specific, well laid out instructions for calculating CO2 storage by trees

Requires some knowledge of chemistry (element mass, unit conversion), and math (log10, means)

Earth Exploration Toolbook
Teacher Guides Several chapters would be in support of GLOBE carbon cycle activities
  16-18   Chapter 4: Annotating Change in Satellite Images
  16-18   Chapter 6: Exploring Regional Differences in Climate Change
  12-16   Chapter 13: Visualizing Carbon Pathways

Chapter 15: Using GLOBE Data to Investigate the Earth System

Chapters all include:
Teacher notes
National science standards
Case Study example
Steps and required tools for lesson

Project WEB   Publication-teachers, Background

Joint newsletter of New Hampshire Project WET, Project WILD and Project Learning Tree

Individual issues have different themes (some are relevant)

Spring 2000-Exploring Phenology
Winter 2006-Climate Change
Spring 2006-Natures Classroom
Fall 2006-Renewable Resources
Winter 2007-Nonrenewable Resources

News (Primary Sources / Peer Review Journals)
Scientific American   Publication-public, Science Research

Click “global warming” under most searched key words in the top right.
Many of the listed articles can be found for free on the internet if their titles and authors are typed into google.
Other key words can also be searched (carbon cycle, climate change)

Science Magazine   Publication-public, Science Research Most specific search: carbon cycle in terrestrial ecosystems

Nature International   Publication-public, Science Research

Weekly journal of science

Current issue and articles are available in full text

News (Secondary Sources / General News)

All of the major news organizations have popular articles that cite scientists and science journal articles. These also typically provide links to other known sites about related topics.This is a small list of sites for English speakers.

National Public Radio  
Climate Connections   Background A joint series between NPR and National Geographic: focused on climate change around the world
It's All About Carbon 10-18 Background, Video A cartoon series developed as part of Climate Connections (produced by NPR and Public Broadcasting System)

British Broadcasting System All Ages News  
Schools   Background, Teacher Guide

The popular BBC news site has developed a series of websites geared toward students from K-12 with
activities, blogs, forums, help with study questions.
Teacher link and guides

Climate Change   Background News stories on climate change

CNN   News  

MSNBC   News  

The Australian   News  

Earth Wire   News

Compilation of current and recent news stories, from around the world, concerning: climate change, global warming, energy, carbon dioxide, etc.

National Geographic

Search: carbon cycle
14-18 News, Background

CO2 in the atmosphere-anthropogenic causes

Photosynthesis and respiration

Eddy flux towers

Field measurements to validate tower measurements

Missing carbon-tree growth in the Eastern US, fire suppression in Western US, additional growth in Europe, Siberia, warming contributes to increased growth in the arctic

How long can forest CO2 uptake last?

Permafrost CO2 release

FACE studies mentioned

Carbon dissolves in ocean waters

Discover Magazine   News, Background Geologic sequestration in the North Sea
Global Climate Campaign   Action International

Live Earth   Action International: Concerts for a climate in crisis

Cooperative Research Centre for Greenhouse Accounting   Background, Data&Images, Action Australia: Discontinued operation, but provides many good products and datasets

Stop Global Warming   Action, News

USA: Join the march

Tips on reducing your CO2 release

News articles about global warming from around the world

Climate Crisis

An Inconvenient Truth
14-18 Teacher Guides, Video, Action

Climate Change film on DVD (90min)

Educator’s guide- 3 lesson plans centered on topics covered in the film
180min of classroom time

450min of classroom time
Semester lesson


Target Global Warming   Action

USA: Survey results from anglers and hunters around the country

Do you see changes in the forests and streams where you recreate?

Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative   Action Northeast&Mid-Atlantic, USA: efforts to reduce GHG through a cap and trade system

Carbon Coalition   Action New Hampshire, USA: climate change initiative

10% Challenge   Action Vermont, USA: alliance for climate action, reducing your ghg emissions by 10%

New Hampshire Carbon Challenge   Action New Hampshire, USA: reduce your ghg emissions, take the challenge

Carbon Solutions New England   Action Northeast, USA: collaboration of public and private stakeholders looking at possible solutions for cleaner energy future