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The Globe Carbon Cycle project is one of four Earth System Science Projects (ESSPs) funded by NASA and NSF to develop hands-on, primary and secondary school-based science activities for the GLOBE (Global Learning and Observations to Benefit the Environment) Program.

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Communicating Research Findings

The GLOBE Carbon Cycle materials provide students with an authentic investigation experience.  A key part of this experience is offering students a chance to share their understandings/findings.  Below are suggestions and guidelines for creating posters, presentations, science reports, and webpages.

GLOBE Model for Student Science Research
Research Planning Guide
Student Version PDF       Teacher Version PDF

Reports/ Science Writing
        • Science Writing Guidelines PDF
        • Annotated Bibliography Guidelines PDF
    Sample Assessment Rubrics
        • Oyster River High School (Durham, NH) PDF
        • Colby College's Guide to Scientific Writing - more detailed guidelines with examples from the literature.
        • Iowa State University Guide to Writing a Lab Report
        • Writing an abstract - from

   Student Examples
       • Carbon Storage Example Report PDF
       • Climate Change and Biomass Accumulation Example Report PDF

Sharing Findings

Tips on Making a Poster (from UNH) PDF
    Sample Assessment Rubric
Oyster River High School (Durham, NH) PDF
UNH's Poster Presentation Help site - more detailed guidelines to building a poster
Science Fair poster tips - from
    Student Examples
Tree Mapping Example Poster PDF

PowerPoint Presentations
Tips on making and giving presentations PPT
    Sample Assessment Rubric
UNH's Oral Presentation Help site - more detailed guidelines on oral presentations
Prezi - Presentation software with a zoomable canvas for more connective and interactive presentations
    Student Examples
Climate Change and Biomass Example Presentation PPT

    Sample Assessment Rubric
Developed by GLOBE Carbon Cycle (tested at Oyster River High School, NH) PDF
Wikispaces - an online space to share work and ideas, pictures and links, videos and media.
Google sites - a wiki and webpage creation tool through Google.
    Student Examples
Biomass and Carbon Storage Example webpages WWW

Other Resources:
•  NSTA article - 21st-Century Oral Presentation Tool Bag (article costs $0.99 for non-members)
•  Students and Research by Julia Cothron et al. - teaching strategies for developing research skills in students at all grade levels